Where did all the writing go?!?!?!?

Honestly, it hasn’t gone anywhere. What I’m doing is revamping this section of my site. Hopefully it won’t take me too long, cuz I know y’all are clamoring to read everything again. There was something else… Something I didn’t know when I first posted, and I’d ike to make a public aplogy.

Of the Faeries, my first fanfic, had a bit of a fanficness to it that’s not allowed…legal-action not allowed. I was unaware of Laurell K. Hamilton’s not wanting fanfics of her work. While it was only one chapter, it’s enough. So, I’ll be working on editing those parts out the best that I can and reposting the stories. Shifted will be back up very soon, and Of the Faeries will be back as soon as edits are complete. So, sorry about all that and I hope to have this back up and fixed sooner than anyone can realize that it’s gone.