My Day was Made of Awesome! How About Yours?

I had to sleep before I posted this, sadly. Otherwise, I’d have posted it when it happened.

Last night I couldn’t sleep much, so I decided “Hey, I’m gonna join the Alien Dice costume contest.” That saga-failed because I couldn’t find a good enough base to play with. But I still wanted to learn the liquify tool in Photoshop. So, I found another base, played with it, and created a pretty okay piece of fanart. So, I sent it in to Tiffany, with a condensed version of the story in an email. I also sent a copy to Ceres, since she’s my Alien Dice Radio Drama director and I knew she’d find awesomeness in my geekiness.

Well, Ceres logged on and went “ooooh, pretty!” I thanked her for the compliment and was about to leave to run some errands before I went to bed for the day. Just as I was getting up to get changed, Ceres IMed me again: “!!! go to quick”

I figured Tiffany had posted something awesome to the plot and was cringing in preparation for a spoiler (I’m not up to date on the comic). Instead, I saw this awesomeness!!!

My day was made!! I was all over the house, boasting about my story of awesome!