Sad State of the American Educated

Sad State of the American Educated

If you follow me on Tumblr, you may or may not have already read the rant I have following and about this video. However, I believe education and the views the public has about it are important. Some may view my opinions as “unnecessary” or “useless” since I do not have kids of my own. I may not have kids, but the kids that are in school now will be running the world when my generation is too old and feeble to do so and will continue to educate the following generations after we’re long gone. Kids like the one who made this video. That is why this matter is important to me.

Cute song. Great rhythm. However, I’m gonna have to disagree with a lot of what’s said here.

SOME points he made were valid. I know I was lucky to have a 6th grade teacher explain how to understand the stock market, but at 11 I didn’t care because I didn’t understand anything beyond my narrow little world. And I would still love a lesson or more on how taxes work…and that’s with me currently a business major in a 4-year university.

Everything else he points out, though? Sorry, man, but I don’t sympathize with you. If you don’t think what you learned is useful, you’re expecting your teacher to spoon feed you life’s answers. But, guess what? There is no answer to spoon feed you.

Just like with that “useless” knowledge you were taught in school, you have to figure out how it applies to your life. I use Algebra every single damned day of my life. It’s usually faster for me to calculate mentally how many of Item X I can buy if I have Y amount of dollars. These aren’t frivolous items, either. I’m talking about how I’m going to feed myself today, tomorrow, the next day. What is the most I can buy to feed myself for the maximum number of days and not deprive my cat the food he needs, either?

Shakespeare is a waste of time? You DO realize that between him, Lewis Carrol, and other “useless” old-time authors like them you have most of the words you know and understand today? Those “useless” studies are the reason you know those words. That stuff doesn’t just show up in your brain. You read it, retain it, and learn it to use it. And it happens in school because, quite frankly, it’s too boring for anyone who doesn’t already have a passion for it to even want to attempt the studies themselves.

Only know one language? I don’t know a single school that doesn’t require language as a study. Did you pay attention? Like, at all? I fully, 100% admit that I don’t know Spanish because I didn’t want to learn the damn language. I grew up in Los Angeles; my mother didn’t let me learn French (what I wanted to learn) and forced me to take Spanish because it was “more practical.” Between my own personal aversion and other situations between me and the teacher, it’s my own damn fault I don’t speak a second language. Not the school system’s, not my parents, not even either of my Spanish teachers. It’s all me. I cannot imagine there was no second language lessons at all for this guy. At WORST, it was probably bundled among the arts electives as a choice. And this guy is whining because he wasn’t FORCED to learn a second language? But at the same time he’s complaining he was FORCED to learn mathematics that he ultimately deems unnecessary.

This video, in my opinion, can cause more damage if it was “blown up” and got more attention. This guy absolutely does not “get it.” The only person who made any sense in the comments above is the one who wants to go into politics for “this reason.” Wrong reason, but if you think you can actually improve education methods so kids get it through their heads that there is no answer key to life, then hell yeah, get your ass up there on Capitol Hill.

Here’s life as I have it figured out for myself. Take or leave my words as you see fit:

There is no real set answers or rules to life as a whole. Some people are good at this set of things, while others are good at those set of things. However, unless you try ALL things, you will never find out what it is you love or are good at. What you love and are good at may match, or they may not, but you HAVE to learn it all and figure out how to apply it to your own personal situation.

That is the closest thing to a Key to Life you will get: figure out how to apply what you’ve learned in school and through experience to your situation (which, by the way, is liable to change without any notice). No one is going to do it for you.

[image: Steven Depolo]