Amusing Conversations of the Unspecified Time Period: The Domain Name

Amusing Conversations of the Unspecified Time Period: The Domain Name

While I’m sure my most recent ex-boyfriend would disagree vehemently, I’m actually pretty good about staying friends with the guys I’ve dated in the past. So far only two have made it on my “Kick in the Gonads on Sight” list.

There is one ex who is NOT on that list. Let’s call him “Jackal Boy.” There’s actually a story behind that, but that isn’t this post. Jackal Boy, many years ago, snatched up an old domain name I let lapse. He always called it “awesome” and thought something great should come of it. Folks, we’re talking he’s been holding onto and paying for this domain for me for almost TEN YEARS. Simply because it’s awesome and it’s mine. Anyway, tonight I finally asked him how I can get that domain back. The following IM conversation ensued:

Me: hey, I have a question. Do you still own

Jackal Boy: yes indeed

Me: What do I need to do to get that from ya?

JB: provide one pony.


JB: thats a pegasus.

Me: ::over-dramatic sigh::

JB: Doesn’t count

Me: What?! Why not?

JB: wrong color

Me: Damn you, Knights Who Say Ni!!

JB: ^^

Me: I have followed your instructions! It’s not my problem you don’t know what you want :-p

JB: that was just step one

Me: What’s step 2?

JB: A second pony, to be placed with the first, but slightly to the left.

Me: And nice looking? Not too expensive?

JB: maybe a herring


JB: I prefer my herring facing to the right


JB: but.. it’s smaller than the first

Me: You never said the size you wanted.

JB: fine fine
step three
a picture of a fox drinking out of a cup.


JB: …
alright, I’ll let that one slide

Me: Slide? It’s a fox drinking out of a cup!!
Would you prefer a coyote?

JB: lets see this drinking yote of yours


JB: that glass looks plastic

Me: You said cup

JB: dammit
you win this round


JB: next step one kitten video I have not seen


JB: seen it


JB: seen it, but awesome


JB: alright, that works

Me: Good. I didn’t have to send my ace :-p

JB: step 7, send in your ace


A Bengal kitten kills and eats his first mouse (Warning: graphic, blood) from BengalBengal on Vimeo.

JB: haha

Me: So, about that domain name…? :-p

JB: oh right…. one pony


JB: Hmm


The whole exchange took about an hour and a half. BUT! I got my domain and entertained a few of my housemates in the process.

[images: Just Ard, me, and Google Images]