Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Only by the farthest stretch of the imagination am I a Trekkie. I haven’t even gotten through the original series. So, when I saw and fell in love with J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek, it was based solely on the merit of the movie itself. That’s right. I said it. I like Abrams’ work just because I liked it!

Ah… Anyway…

When I walked out of the cinema this afternoon having just watched Star Trek: Into Darkness (which, by the way, I don’t get the sub-title), I was torn. I felt “meh” about it. I walked out fully aware I won’t be pulling all day repeat screenings at the dollar cinema in a month. Here’s the biggest problem I had: too many inside references.

Now, because I don’t live under a rock, I did understand a lot of them. I even caught some of the really clever role-reversal ones. That still doesn’t change I hadn’t seen the original material, so half the time I couldn’t bring myself to really care. What I loved about the first Abrams Star Trek movie was it was a really good reboot. I didn’t need to know the series because what happened before mattered, but didn’t matter. Then suddenly this sequel comes along and I needed to know!

Overall, the story was decent. It didn’t draw me in, though. I didn’t lean forward in my seat, and that wasn’t because I was sandwiched between two people I didn’t know all that well. I didn’t find myself searching the screen for every detail. I don’t think I even remember much about it besides the funniest scenes.

All in all, my original statement of it was “meh” seems to cover it quite well. As a newbie to the fandom, between the lackluster story and the outcry from friends who are Trekkies about how things and characters were “ruined” (which is something else I don’t see), the magic that was in the first movie wasn’t there in this one.

Review Score
Dialogue flow was good.
Felt like the viewer needed to see Wrath of Khan to fully appreciate Into Darkness.
Average score from all categories.