Writing Again

Writing Again

So, I picked back up an old writing project and merged it with a new one. I missed working on Project: Lykos, but I couldn’t figure out where I was going with it. I also really enjoyed another werewolf story I started, but that had a beginning and that was it. So, as I was driving to my write-in this morning, I thought: “Self, why don’t you mash the two together?”

There was a moment of silence before I went “Holy fuck, Brain! You’re a genius!”

Yes, I absolutely addressed my brain. That way, I’m not talking to myself and thus it’s not crazy if I respond.

So, here I am at Starbucks, three hours later, and I’m still working on mashing the two stories together. One was a sci-fi story about werewolves and the other was paranormal fantasy. So, I’ve so far chucked the fantasy and am trying to rework that character to fit in the sci-fi world.

The hardest part of writing for me is it’s not visual. I learned artistic techniques for drawing, where I can sketch out a character or a place and the image is never changing. I can always “look” at it in my mind and nothing will be different. It’s there, fully formed, and I can make an imperfect transfer from my brain, through my hand, to the paper. Then the project is done.

Writing, on the other hand (Pun! hur hur hur…), has nothing visual to it. The scene is there and I can type it out, but what about the before and after? There isn’t a single scene in a story, so I can’t just freeze it and be done. I have to find out the “what next” and “what happened before this?” I can “sketch” a series plot arc and then a per-book arc, but each scene evades me. It’s like I’m getting halfway through the drawing and the mental picture is moving before I can get the shading done.

If I’m being honest, this is why I don’t get most of my stories done. A fanfiction I wrote, Shifted,is really the only story I’ve finished that wasn’t a role play adaptation. I get snippets and scenes where I can see what the overall plot is, but then what? It’s like taking a short story and trying to make a full American TV series out of it.

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