New Semester and Time to Set Things into Motion

Yesterday the book requirements were posted for my school.  …Yay?

This semester is book-light for me, since I took a couple of easy art classes. I planned on re-taking Claudia Suzanne‘s Ghostwriter Certification Training class, but that schedule and my schedule didn’t mesh. So, I’m not gonna be as burned out this semester, which is still a yay! I managed to squeeze my way into both photography and the required ceramics class before I can take a wheel-throwing class. I love wheel-throwing.

So, what am I doing to get ready for the new semester?

Well, I started yesterday by working the internet hard and finding the best deals in textbooks. One of my housemates had previously sent me a link that worked wonders. Textbook Price Comparison isn’t the end all, be-all of textbook searching, but it gave me a good place to start. My range came out to between $130 and $213, depending on if I wanted to go to sites I didn’t know and trust such as Course Smart and Textbooks Now or if I had to buy all new from the school itself.

My next step is one where I sit and wait impatiently for all my end-of-year tax info stuff to come in. I hate waiting… I just want to fill out the stupid forms to tell the Government that I make no money so they can confirm to FAFSA that they need to give me money so I can go to school. You’d think this would be really easy. Actually, once you’re past 24, it is.

My dad refused to help me through school, so I figured I’d work full time to pay for that full time schooling. I bombed that. Still, at 23, the Government needed my parents’ tax information because I was still classified as a “dependent.” Yeah, kids, that’s right. They’ll not only need but base your award on your parents’ taxes until you’re the ripe old age of 25. I was rejected every year for FAFSA because my dad made too much, which was the salt in the wound since I had to fight every step for my dad’s tax info and I was paying for everything myself.

I think I digressed…

So, yeah, the big things are no where near done, but I’m busying myself with little things: school supplies, making sure I don’t forget my schedule, griping about how there’s only two weeks left before I have to start school again…the usual stuff!