I Hate Online Classes…

My brain is just not wired to take an online class. I swear, I just am not able to do it! Yet, sadly, I’m probably going to be doing it again next semester.

I might get a D in my Personal Finance class this semester because I missed the deadline for the final by 31 minutes. That’s right, it closed 31 minutes before I sat down to take the test. It’s my own fault, really. I fully admit that. When I read the email that the teacher sent out regarding the test time and date, I thought it would close at 1am PST the night of the 17th. No, no… It closed on the 1am EST of the 17th… So, tonight, being the 16th, when I sat down at my computer in the good old Pacific Standard Time of 10:31 PM, the test was already closed.

Confused yet?

When I attempted to attend the Art Institute Online, I had these same problems. I always read the date and time wrong for when things were due, so they were either late or never turned in because late work wasn’t accepted. Why? If anyone else can figure it out, let me know. Though, all things considered, I made the same date/time mistakes when I had Inventory shifts at Blockbuster. I never knew what night I was coming in at midnight so I drove my manager batty checking and double checking.

Now I’m just irritated at myself. It’s completely a “Should have known better…” moment. There’s nothing more I can do about it now. I already emailed the teacher to see if there is anything I can do to fix it, but I’m pretty sure that the only option is to retake the class and replace the grade.

Has anyone else had “experiences” with online classes, good or bad?