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Sad State of the American Educated

Sad State of the American Educated

If you follow me on Tumblr, you may or may not have already read the rant I have following and about this video. However, I believe education and the views the public has about it are important. Some may view my opinions as “unnecessary” or “useless” since I do not have kids of my own. […]

My Blog is Really Depressing This Year

Remember how I said I was having a rough year? Yeah… It just keeps continuing… About two weeks ago, my Facebook feed exploded. Old friends and acquaintances from my high school days had posts one right after another just FILLING my screen. Let me tell you, that’s weird. We’re all current or past artists from […]

New Semester and Time to Set Things into Motion

Yesterday the book requirements were posted for my school.  …Yay? This semester is book-light for me, since I took a couple of easy art classes. I planned on re-taking Claudia Suzanne‘s Ghostwriter Certification Training class, but that schedule and my schedule didn’t mesh. So, I’m not gonna be as burned out this semester, which is […]

I Hate Online Classes…

My brain is just not wired to take an online class. I swear, I just am not able to do it! Yet, sadly, I’m probably going to be doing it again next semester. I might get a D in my Personal Finance class this semester because I missed the deadline for the final by 31 […]

NaNoWriMo 2009 Fail

Well, I hate to admit it, but I did fail this year’s National Novel Writing Month challenge. I clocked in at a whopping 2,949 words. Yeah, I know, pathetic, right? I realize I’ve been seriously slacking in the update area. I promise, I’m not dead, but it sure as hell feels damn close. The event […]